Vampires Sparkling In The Light

In political news, we find that U.S. Senate candidate Kelly Tshibaka has been accused of making some seemingly questionable and offensive statements.

While certainly the shock headlines grab attention, we were particularly drawn to the mention that someone actually believed a fictional novel and Hollywood movie series about teenagers dressing up as and pretending to be vampires was – and we quote – “evil.”

Not missing a beat, this astute Alaskan notes the gravity of the situation well:

We have to agree.  Everything we know about vampires definitely tells us they can’t be trusted when they sparkle in the light.

This follow up comment, on another of the originally reported misdoings by Ms. Tshibaka, is practically straight out of the Internet Comment Ettiquette manual.

While we are hoping they aren’t serious, we are also fairly certain some people actually believe things like this.  Not sure how to call this one, but it reads like it’s straight out of the Internet Comment Ettiquette manual.

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