Sexuality Degrees

Many of us Alaskans have been impacted by the increasing prices of lumber lately.  There’s been a number of articles, locally and nationally, on the price increases seen across the lumber industry.

There are a few very well known explanations of the supply and demand issues affecting lumber pricing.  These factors, of course, were well illustrated in the actual article.

This Alaskan, though, went off the rails on the headline and decided to come up with their own explanation of the cause…

Oh, this is getting good.  It seems that our original commenter may be slightly underestimating the person they are chatting with.

But wait, there’s more!  Clearly, our originally commenter thinks that moving the entire US lumber industry to South Dakota is the right answer!

Well, our respondent certainly dropped the mic on that one.  Ouch.

I’m gonna have to save the “sexuality degree” comment for later.  That was straight up gold, commenter!

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