Freezer Parts

This particularly gruesome and horrifying headline seems to merit a bit of alarm.  For further context, let’s add the Nixel alert that AST put out to the public:

Quite the horror show going on here all ready.

A logical person might immediately fear a serial killer is on the loose!

Other logical people might ask what kind of evidence may have been left at the crime scene?  That’s just getting things started…

The Alaskan internet sleuths, though, were obviously well ahead of me.


One such Alaskan expressed their concern that there could be dozens or maybe hundreds of partially buried freezers with body parts in them!  OMFG.

In true form, someone read that concern and used it as a jumping off point to insinuate the killer may have stuffed the body in the freezer and then proceed to “ejaculate all over the body parts!”

I’m no professional killer…but…

We were thinking maybe the evidence might include fragments of clothing, fingerprints or maybe hair based DNA evidence…but clearly we haven’t thought this crime through!

Fortunately, as we read on through the comments, someone had all ready figured out how to solve the murder mystery:

Seriously, though, we’re gonna follow this story because it’s creepy AF.  And also bound to be a great comment magnet.

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