Count The Babies

In the good news department, the latest (constitutionally mandated) US census shows that Alaska’s population is increasing.  Albeit, at a rate much below national average rates of state growth.

This topic is bound to piss off some people, though.  Some would rather live out their Alaskan fantasies of being Dick Proenneke, but with Fred Meyers and McDonalds.

This observer wisely notes that if you count two entirely different things, there is a strong likelihood the two numbers will not match!

We get it, though.  We’re still kind of pissed at all those old timer miners that risked their lives to mooch off of Alaska’s gold hills.  And God forbid, stayed here because they liked it.

Next up, a lively debate.

Ah, there it is.  Apparently “Union and folks” are genuine “border runners” (we guess from the Yukon Territory?) that come here to “get rich” by making a measly $2.65 per day from the PFD, just by living here.

If people say minimum wage is an unlivable wage these days, clearly they haven’t tried to live on Alaska’s 11 cents per hour plan!

We haven’t seen any evidence of this yet, but we definitely want more information on everyone that comes to Alaska for this PFD have “no where to place” and must be just roaming about our streets and wilderness by the tens of thousands!

We also agree, final commenter.  Pics are the proof we need in this matter.


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