Arm Your Children

This particular situation definitely caught our attention.  Seems like a party got a out of control and things went really, really bad fast.

While we certainly weren’t there, it’s reasonable to assume here that the issue likely did not require the use of lethal force.  Put simply, run of the mill fights should not be settled with the use of a firearm.

That’s not anti-2A, that’s anti-stupid.

Of course, we’ve got our fair share of people that seem to think otherwise.  This Alaskan is certainly out there searching for alternative answers…

Yeah, that’s probably the right solution.  Let’s arm the children.  Instead of one child with a gun, we should have multiple children with guns.

We don’t disagree with the general sentiment expressed here, but this particular problem does seem like it needs to be solved with something other than more firearms.

Like, perhaps, personal responsibility, proper firearm training, better parenting and parental oversight?

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