Again, Wondering…

In a rather tragic discovery, an underwater robot identified a lost Indonesian submarine that had succumbed to Davy Jones’ Locker.

One might be immediately struck by the tragedy of the situation, with as many as 53 sailors meeting their unexpected deaths.

Not this Alaskan, though.  They had deep, unanswered questions about the situation:

We immediately note how serious this question is, with six question marks appending the comment.

Apparently this person is entirely unaware of why the 4th largest nation in the world, home to some 270 million people, might possibly want a submarine.

Or that a county largely comprised of archipelago and over 17,000 islands is likely to have a rich nautical background?

A rudimentary understanding of geography can, at times, save you from looking like an idiot.  May we suggest a vacation down under?

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